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released January 18, 2014



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BLACKBEARD Salt Lake City, Utah

BLACKBEARD is a hardcore band from Salt Lake City, Utah.

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Track Name: Two Faces
Do you feel it?
Your heart fall to your guts.
Always feeling like no girl gives a fuck.
Do you wonder how they do the things they do?
Grabbing on your beating heart and breaking it in two.
Take your mind and play their games, telling us we're all the same.
Making sure we take all blame, bringing up the past.
Hoping that we chase them, playing hard to get.
Talking to two faces, which one am I talking to yet?
I'm talking to two faces, playing hard to get.
Can't figure out which one i'm talking to yet.
In different places, in my heart and in my head,
but i've come to conclude one thing.
I don't want to be tied down.
It's not supposed to be.
Where everything I say is questioned, and the odds are against me.
And when I stop and think for myself it becomes a problem and unleashes hell.
So here's to me.
Track Name: Night Terror
Every night he comes for me,
waiting to see me fall asleep,
lay me down, take me away
no forgiveness, no mercy.

The devil, the grim reaper.
Embed me to darkness.
Take me, till the end of time.

Don't take me under, just take me home.
Dont take me under, leave me alone.

Leave me! Leave me be!
Leave me! Grim reaper!
Leave me! Grim Reaper!
Leave me alone!

C'mon! Yeah!
So leave me alone!
Track Name: Conceited
Feeling like the top dog all the time,
over confidence is a serious crime.
Everything is easy when you think you're a dime,
you ring your own bell cause the sound of the chime.
The thought of yourself is your ultimate prime.
But everyone else thinks that you're the ultimate grime.
You're so selfish, drown in a ditch.
You think it's never your fault? You're wrong.
You want to blame it on me so long.
You want to think that you do it best,
you want to think you're better than the rest.
I've had enough, you filled me up to the top
I love when bitches like you slip and drop.
You've got a stupid face.
Slap the bass.
I've got myself upheld, i don't stump, I don't dwell.
I got my shit in place, I don't fear you, slap the bass.
Track Name: Two Timed
She's got a walk like a tiger. Slow sway, doesn't have a matter. She does what she wants, she does what she needs, all she wants to do is find someone to please.
Down on her knees she begs. A stupid slut, she's fucking worthless.
Don't double cross me bitch, I won't stand for it, you have no respect.
Don't double cross me bitch, I won't stand for it, you have no respect.
I ran out many years ago. Stay away from me, stay the fuck away.
Don't wanna hear it from you, stay away from me, stay the fuck away.
Track Name: Schizo
Do you know what it's like to always fight your mind?
You feel stressed, mad all the time.
At night it gets hard, you feel really sad.
So you go into the night and do something bad.
Take it from me, listen to my words.
It sounds crazy, it sounds absurd.
Take it from me, listen to my words.
Listen to my steam.
I can't rest but there's nothing to do.
My whole body freezes when i think about you.
Yeah, uh.
Build me a bridge, over it I will crawl.
Yeah, uh.
As it breaks beneath me, and then I fall.
Yeah, Uh.
Track Name: Take to Give
Lets go, lets roll, lets change this earth.
Make your life start.
Make your life worth.
Something helpful, something strange.
Something you will never see the same.
See the struggles see the change in their eyes.
He wants a full belly but to you he's full of lies.
You wont believe his broken leg.
You wont believe the shame he feels when he begs.
It feels wrong to sit and eat when the hungry cant be fed.
It feels wrong to go to sleep when the sleepless have no bed.
It feels wrong to live a day when they have no place to stay.
It feels wrong to look away but nobody makes a change.
take to give x4
This one goes out to my people pleasers,
my survivors,
my get byers.
Jodie, i'm sorry
I just want to say don't worry
I'll never see you again.
But i'd like to say i'm giving it back.
Track Name: Spec
When I look at my problems.
They don't seem big at all, they seem quite small.
Compared to the world. When I look at the worlds problem they seem so fucking big.
Cause we keep on digging our graves and making our beds to sleep in.
Till this planet burns.
The human race will be forgotten. Every thought won't matter, not a thing will matter.
Track Name: Slower Pace
Think this way.
Speak freely.
Tell me your honest, point of veiw.
I'll tell the world what, I think of you.
You're a slower pace.
You are a disgrace.
I think back to those things you said to hide your tracks.
stab my back X2
Lie to me.
Make me feel.
Like you care.
Like your real.
(Mike- CloseGrip)
Let me hear those words you speak.
You'd always say them to me.
You said them, so many times.
You said them, more than twice.

speak those words

more than

Track Name: Terrorist Song
Hands tied behind my back, there's nothing i can do.
This is, a terrorist attack, how do I, escape from you.
My group was hikin' the trails, didn't know we were hikin' the way to, hell.
5 men, who stand with guns.
They wrap bags on our face, on the way to a hidin' place.
Right then, I knew I was done.
Tried to fight back,
Take my chance,
With their guns,
They made us dance,
After they took,
My friends hands,
I thought I'd never see again,
Bullets, flew, my way.
People, hit, the fence.
I knew I never would've made it if it wasn't for you,
Your life to me was the thick, and the true,
You had no fear in those eyes, When you, took of their heads, if it wasn't For you, I know that I would be dead.
Running through the fields.
Haven't, eaten in days.
I've had no sleep,
Can't feel my legs.
They're after me, I can hear the rumbling through the ground.
I wish I
Never left my town.
Falling into the trap.
A deep whole, I'm never comin' back.

I knew I never would've made it if it wasn't for you,
Your life to me was the thick, and the true,
You had no fear in those eyes, When you took of their heads, if it wasn't For you, I know that I would be dead.